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Our Story

"I consider sleep to be one of the main pillars of health.  As a cancer surgeon I learned that the only way to improve survival and quality of life was to create a team of experts working together to help our patients beat the odds."

"At BlueSleep we are taking our expertise in the comprehensive treatment of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders to the general public by making it easy and affordable to access sleep specialists and cutting edge treatments for sleep apnea and snoring.  We have been using home sleep testing technology for over 15 years, and non-CPAP treatments for most cases of sleep apnea.  Our clinical research has found that home sleep testing and oral appliance therapy significantly improves compliance with treatments, and provides better overall sleep health outcomes.  That means better sleep and better health for those who need it."  Jordan Stern, MD

"Sleep apnea is the disease of the century" says Dr. Stern whose vision of the truly comprehensive sleep apnea and snoring center became a reality in 2009 when he created the first BlueSleep center in New York City.  Now he brings his 25 years of leadership  in healthcare to small and large medical practices, and to employers seeking to improve the quality of healthcare they can deliver. 

Dr. Stern's consulting, medical research, and publications on home sleep testing and treatments, and his experience as past director of several comprehensive Head and Neck Surgery Cancer treatment centers in New York were the inspiration for the creation and development of the BlueSleep center. Sleep testing is done in patients' homes and all treatments are available at the center under one roof.


In early 2000, Dr. Stern funded and managed several early stage health and technology ventures in Europe. Prior to this he was Director of Head and Neck Surgery at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary and Saint Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan. He has over 100 publications and scientific presentations to his credit and multiple awards for research and teaching. He is board certified in both Otolaryngology and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Stern is the best selling author of "Dropping Acid The Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure" and producer of Music for Dreams, a series of albums created to help those suffering from poor quality sleep obtain deep and restful sleep.

A message from the founder
Jordan Stern, MD
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