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CPAP Treatment
What is CPAP Treatment?

  • CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, a specific type of breathing therapy consisting of a small machine that supplies constant and steady air pressure through a tube and a mask or nose piece.

  • The CPAP machine delivers a stream of compressed air via a plastic tube to a nasal pillow, nose mask or full-face mask, splinting the airway (keeping it open under air pressure) so that normal breathing becomes possible, reducing and/or preventing sleep apnea.


  • CPAP has the additional benefit of reducing or eliminating the extremely loud snoring that sometimes accompanies sleep apnea.

  • CPAP machines also have an integrated humidifier for extra comfort. They have microcomputers and built in communication systems that monitor how well the machine is working.  This allows your sleep doctor to monitor your progress, and make any changes when you check in for a follow up visit on line or in person.

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