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Crispy Salmon Recipe

Crispy Salmon on a yellow squash pillow and fresh pesto.​Ingredients:For the Salmon:4 portions of boneless salmon filet skin on about 6 oz ea. (if not available with the skin on, use salmon with skin off)1 Tablespoon of white Miso paste (if not available, use Salt)4 Tablespoon Vegetable oil (for cooking)

For the Yellow squash:1 lb of yellow squash (wash, cut the ends off and grate on a coarse grater)1 carrot (peel and cut into ½ inch thick rings)5 sprigs of fresh thyme (wash, remove the leaves from the sprigs, chop finely)2 Tablespoons of butter. For the Pesto:1 cup (or 2 oz) of baby spinach (wash like a salad, drain) if you use regular spinach, remove the stems.15 sprigs of cilantro (wash, remove the leaves from the sprigs, keep the leaves)3 oz of grated parmesan cheese¼ cup (or 1 ½ fl oz) of extra virgin Olive oil3/4 cup of chicken stock Procedure for the Yellow squash:

  • Place the butter in a 10 Inch diameter pan under a medium heat.

  • Add the grated squash and season with salt to taste.

  • Cook for about 5 minutes, add the chopped thyme and mix.

  • Drain on paper towel, Keep warm

Procedure for the Pesto:

  • In a blender place the spinach, cilantro, parmesan, olive oil, chicken stock.

  • Blend with one ice cube for about one minute until it becomes homogenous.

  • Season to taste and keep cold.

To finish:

  • Brush the skinless side of the salmon with about a teaspoon of miso paste.

  • Place the 4 portions of Salmon, skin side down on a double layer of paper towels for about 5 minutes to dry.

  • Remove the paper.

  • Place the salmon and the carrot in a pre heated, 10 inch diameter fry pan (Green pan: this is a ceramic non stick resistant pan. Use a regular non stick pan if not available) with the oil.

  • The pan should sizzle.

  • Lower the temperature to low heat, the skin will become crispy within about 7 minutes (if you see that the skin has too much color, lower the temperature.

  • After 7 minutes, turn each portion of salmon and cook for another 4 minutes(no color needed on the skinless side), turn the carrot as well for even cooking.

  • Drain on paper towels on the skin side for about 3 minutes.

  • Place the carrot on paper towels before serving to remove any excess fat.

  • Place the pesto on the whole bottom of each plate.

  • Top the center with the yellow squash

  • Sprinkle the carrot pieces as you wish

  • Place the salmon on top of the butternut squash, skin side up (if you use salmon without skin, place the best looking side up)

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